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by Daniele Carretta

Drama (2016)

Produced by Red Weaver Media in association with Flickers Studios. Directed by Rob O'Cruz.

- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.


Washed Up (2016)

Short film by Travis Misarti.

Music by Daniele Carretta

Washed Up

The Presentation (2016)

Be ready for the party!


The Wave (2016)

Short radio frequencies.


PR Arabia awards in Saudi Arabia (2015)

Official music composer for the Car of The Year 2015 event in Jeddah. 


Saints (2015)


Lance Wright (Corey Lizotte) is a man living an average life. That all ends when his wife Emily (Alyssa Young) is murdered. The police have no suspects and Lance is left with no closure on the case. This leads him to take matters into his own hands and get in touch with Hudson; (Mark A. Lizotte) a contract killer. He wants Hudson's help finding the man so he can have revenge. Revenge isn't as simple as it sounds though in this gripping revenge thriller mini-series from director Corey Lizotte. 

Music by Daniele Carretta



Spatial orbital (2014)

Traveling through space and time.


Catch me (2014)

It's so fast... you have to run!


Her (2014)

Who is that mysterious woman?


Sharpened (2014)

Thrilling, evocative... with no compromises.

flesh computer

Short, Sci-Fi (2014) produced by EasyAction and directed by Ethan Shaftel.

Music by Daniele Carretta


jules et jim revisited

Mini-Film (2014) directed by Sandro Suppnig.

Music by Daniele Carretta




Music by Daniele Carretta



(2012) Qatar National Day.

Music by Daniele Carretta

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Daniele Carretta is an Italian film composer, he holds degrees from University of Padova and Conservatory of Rovigo, where he studied harmony, composition, harpsichord and organ, graduating with full marks.

Daniele's education continued in Switzerland and Sweden as well as in Italy where - in 2010 - he studied with Academy Award-winning composer, Luis Bacalov.

He has composed soundtracks for films, short movies, documentaries, TV commercials, videogames and multimedia applications collaborating with production companies and film directors in the USA, Europe, Mid-East and Asia.

He has been awarded the "Award of Merit" at the Southern Shorts Awards for individual achievement in Music for the short film "Guardian Angel", 2016. 

In 2014 Daniele composed the soundtrack for the awarded short sci-fi movie "Flesh Computer", on which he has been nominated for Domani Vision Award at New York VisionFest 2014 - Short Form Score.

He lives in Italy and travels around Europe, Middle-East, Asia and United States. Daniele Carretta is ASCAP writer and publisher (DCMusic) member. 

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action, drama, thriller / 2017  |  Produced by Sle7endary Pictures

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drama, mystery, thriller / 2017  |  Produced by Swanke Production

Directed by Mark Schoonmaker and James Redden

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thriller / 2017

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